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Travel Air 2000



The 1927 Travel Air 2000 was built with ATC 30.
Travel Air 2000 NC6146
The S-2000 of 1927 was a floatplane version of the 2000 with a 102hp Curtiss OXX-6. A few were modified as landplanes.
Travel Air S-2000 NC663H

The improved B model sold for $2,950, and $3,677 in 1929. ATC 2-25 was a 120hp Anzani installation and ATC 2-42 for twin EDO floats.

The 1931 model 2000-T (ATC 2-368) was powered by a 115hp Milwaukee-Tank engine. Fifteen were built.

The 1928 SD-2000 NX6416 was the same as the 2000 model, but with a 150hp Aeromarine B engine. It was later converted to a 4000 model.

The 1929 SC-2000 model (ATC 111) were the same as the 2000 model, but with a 160hp Curtiss C-6 engine. Priced at $4,000, two (NC7574 and NC8110), were built, and possibly one more.
Curtiss-Wright-Travel Air 2000 C-W wing, Continental W-670 NC4952
About 600 were built overall.


Travel Air 2000 with Curtiss OX-5 engine



In 1933 a Travel Air 2000 was modified by George and William Besler where the usual inline or radial gasoline piston engine was replaced by an oil-fired, reversible 90° angle V-twin angle-compound engine of their own design, which became the first fixed-wing airplane to successful fly using a steam engine of any type. The Beslers are thought to have sold the plane to the Japanese in 1937.


Travel Air 2000
Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90 hp
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 24'2"
Useful load: 845 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Seats: 3
Travel Air 2000
Engine: 120hp Anzani
Seats: 3
Engine: Curtiss C-6, 160-hp (119-kW)
Wingspan: 34'8"
Length: 24'2"
Useful load: 941 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 102 mph
Stall: 48 mph
Range: 500 mi



Engine: 115hp Milwaukee-Tank





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