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Travel Air 1000

Travel Air 1000 "Old #1" NC241
First of the Travel Air line, officially introduced in March 1926 as the Maiden Wichita. First flying on 13 March 1925 piloted by Walter Beech, it was priced at $3,500, rising to $2,195 in 1930.
A full-page company ad in Aero Digest of Aug 1928 featured "Old Number One" as being built in 1924 (the company was formed on 1/26/25), bought by O E Scott of St Louis, with a photo showing a tail number NC241 c/n 1. Since licensing came in 1927, it was obviously licensed and the photo made about that time.
Presently it is in the EAA collection, on display at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.
Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90hp
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 23'6"
Useful load: 650 lb
Max speed: 97 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 450 mi
Seats: 3



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