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Tipsy B / B-2 / Trainer

Tipsy B


The Tipsy B is a small, open cockpit two seater designed by Belgian designer Oscar Tips and first flown in 1937. They were built at the Avions Fairey factory at Gosselies, near Charleroi, and powered by 62hp Walter Mikron engines. Pre-war products at Gosselies included two-seat B or B-2 (open cockpits). The B-2 was revived post-war as Tipsy Trainer.

A further refinement was the Tipsy Trainer, with the instructor's seat beside the student's but very slightly staggered behind, so the instructor had a better view of what the student was doing.




Tipsy B


Tipsy B
Engine: 62hp Walter Mikron
Wing span: 31 ft 2 in
Length: 21 ft 8 in
Gross weight: 990 lb
Cruising speed: 105mph
Range: 450 miles







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