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Timm S-160-K / PT-175K / N2T Tutor / PT-160K / PT-220



Under the trade name Aeromold, the Timm Aircraft Corporation developed a special form of construction using bonded plywood. To validate the new structural medium and ultimately to provide a commercial outlet, the company produced its private-venture S-160 /PT-160K(747) cantilever low-wing trainer with tandem accommodation in open cockpits and fixed tailwheel landing gear whose main units looked very spartan with their unfaired tubular metal legs. Designed by Otto Timm the sole S-160, NX15593, had an optional cockpit canopy.
Timm S-160 NX15593
This prototype was developed into the PT-175K (750 2-573) for the civil market, and 262 of a modified variant with the Continental R-670 radial engine were ordered by the US Navy with the designation N2T-1, the aircraft being delivered in three batches during the course of 1943. The one prototype was NX15593 and 262 to the USN as N2T-1 were 41-05875 & 41-05876, 41-32387-32636, and 41-39182-39191.
Timm N2T-1 32478
The USAAF operated them as PT-220.
S-160 / PT-160K
Engine: Kinner R-5, 160hp
Wingspan: 35'0"
Length: 26'4"
Useful load: 614 lb
Max speed: 137 mph
Cruise speed: 125 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 450 mi
Seats: 2
Engine: Kinner R-5, 175hp
Length: 25'6"
Useful load 700 lb
Max speed: 140 mph
Cruise speed: 126 mph
Stall: 50 mph
Range: 520 mi
Seats: 2
N2T Tutor
two-seat primary trainer
Powerplant: l x Continental R-670-4, 164kW (220 hp)
Span: 10.97m (36ft)
Length: 7.57m (25ft 10 in)
Max TO weight: 1236 kg (2,725 lb)
Useful load: 680 lb
Max speed: 144 mph at sea level
Cruise speed: 120 mph
Stall: 50 mph
Range: 350 mi
Seats: 2
Armament: none







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