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Thurston TA-16 Trojan

David B. Thurston, veteran amphibian aircraft designer was completing certification requirements for his four-place waterbird, the TA16 Trojan, to be called the Seafire when FAA-certified. This means that home-builders will have a proven, FAA-certified amphibian structure if they follow the plans with care. The prototype Seafire was scheduled for flight testing in July 1981, while 45 home-builders already have Trojans under construction. Thurston, designer of the Colonial Skimmer (still produced as the Lake Amphibian) and the Teal Amphibian, estimates that the Trojan/Seafire can be built in 3000 hours by anyone with previous airframe construction experience. This time can be reduced by using sub-assemblies and parts available from Underwood Aircraft, 18440 South Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. The Trojan/Seafire has a radius of action in excess of three hours and can operate from water, land, snow or ice.

Construction, aluminum alloy with fiberglass bow deck skin and windshield enclosure
Power 160 - 250 hp

Engine: 250 hp
Span 37’ 0”
Length 27’ 1.59”
Seats 4
Wing Area 183 sq.ft
Gross Weight 3000 lb
Empty Weight 1850 lb
Fuel 80 U.S. gal
Vmax 150 mph
Cruise 130 mph
Climb 1000 fpm
Endurance 6-10 hours



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