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Thor Air Thor 1-2


A taildragger configuration and heavy-duty bungee sprung landing gear. The Canadian-built two-seater can also be fitted with floats or skis made at Thor Air’s Weston Ontario factory. The Thor 1-2 is basically a beefed-up version of the Thor 1, heavier tub-ing and the cockpit frame is slight-ly different. The Thor 1-2 features side-by-side seating, dual control sticks and rudder pedals and a center-mounted throttle. A full windshield, gold and black anodized aluminum tubing, in-cabin pulp start, remote choke, adjustable padded seat and a removable gas tank are also standard. The THOR-12-47 is basically the same as THOR-11-28 except Two-Place. The undercarriage is the same as Thor-11-28. 1984 PRICE: $7,482.

Thor 1-2
Empty wt 320 lbs
Wingspan 32 ft 4 in
Wing area 167 sq ft
Height 7 ft 8 in
Length 13 ft 8 in
Fuel 5 gal
Engine Rotax 447, 42 hp @ 6,600 rpm
Stall: 27 mph
Cruise 30-55 mph
Top speed 63 mph
Vne 70 mph
Gross Wt 750 lbs
Climb rate, 500 fpm

Thor 12-47
Engine: Rotax 503, 47 hp, geared drive
Wingspan 32.3’
Wing area 167 sq.ft
Empty weight 320 lbs
Gross weight 700 lbs
Cruise speed 3055 mph
Stall speed 27 mph
Climb 700 fpm
Takeoff run 70-130 ft
Landing roll 50-100 ft



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