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Texas A&M Ag-1


Weick Ag-1 N222


In 1949-50 the Texas A&M College in the USA developed a concept aircraft, the first purpose-built agricultural aircraft designed by Fred E Weick, designated Ag-1 which flew in 1950. It was a low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, powered by a 225 hp piston-engine and designed to carry a chemical load of 1,200 lb (544 kg).


Weick Ag-1 N222


Built with US government support, the Ag-1 was demonstrated widely throughout the USA and was well received by the six or seven hundred pilots who flew it. The main criticism was that it was underpowered, and a decision was taken to refit it with a 300 hp engine. Before this could be done the Ag-1 collided with a powerline pole and ended up on its back. But the crash demonstrated one of the qualities for which it was designed: the aircraft was destroyed except for the cockpit area, but the pilot was uninjured, even though he had been subjected to forces more than 25 times that of gravity, according to the dynamometers installed for test purposes.

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Weick Ag-1 N222



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