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TeST TST-3 Alpin T

Alpin TM

Originally a single seater, World Class performance glider, with "T" tail, nose type tow hook and one wheel undercarriage significant upgraded Alpin, the TST-3 Alpin T kit sailplane has tandem seating for two, with an option for a retractable engine (TST-3 Alpin TM), and with a 44 ft wingspan This aircraft flew several 500 km FAI triangles - in gliding mode (1998).

The  TST-3 TL, is a lighter version of the TST-3 T; its pilot broke a series of records in cross-country flights in the 220 kg flying weight category (2001).

JAR 22 certified.

Air Est Services of Marley in France would supply either plans or kits for the TST-1 and would even build a completed sailplane.



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