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Team Rocket F.1 Rocket / Evo


Offered as a Quick Build Kit, these airframes are built by HPA International, a manufacturing subdivision in the Czech Republic. Their group of highly skilled engineers and aircraft assembly specialists have assisted to completely engineer the F-1 QB, paying particular attention to craftsmanship and ease of assembly. Complying with the FAA 51% rule, the Quick Build Kit is offered as a complete airframe. The F-1 QB is powered by a fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540 engine, commonly used in Piper Aztecs. Horsepower may range from 250 to 300+ and either a 2- or 3-bladed prop can be used. The engine is not included in the kit.

F.1 Rocket

All wing ribs and internal wing parts are anodized for corrosion protection. All wing skins are primed with epoxy chromate. The F-1 QB wings are delivered with the spars completed, all ribs riveted in place and the top skins riveted on. The customer will need to install the wiring necessary for landing lights (if desired) and strobe and position lights. The pitot tube bracket and pitot lines must also be installed. Once this has been completed, the bottom skins can be riveted in place.

The fuselage is delivered with all bulkheads completed and all skins riveted in place. All bulkheads and internal parts are anodized for corrosion protection. All skins have been primed with epoxy chromate for corrosion resistance. The ELT and battery trays are preformed and ready for your  final assembly and installation. All fuselage floor and baggage compartment panels are pre-cut and pre-drilled ready to install. The customer will install the torque tube and control sticks, rudder pedals and cables, seats and seatback support, and instrument panel.

The F-1 QB finish kit is the most complete and comprehensive finish kit that can be provided. Fiberglass wing root fairings, fiberglass gear leg and gear leg intersection fairings, Rocket-tip wingtips with strobe and position light bulkheads pre-molded into place with Lexan plexiglass covers are all included as standard. The cowl is delivered in three pieces for ease of installation. The oil door is pre-molded for ease of construction. The F-1 QB canopy is a slider canopy. The gear legs are manufactured from titanium and are pre-drilled to the engine mount. The wheels, brakes, tires, tubes, brake lines, pitot lines, master cylinders, and fuel lines are all included in the finish kit.

The empennage kit is not included in the Quick Build Kit and is considered a starter kit. This is done for two reasons: 1) This gives first time builders an opportunity to discover mistakes on parts that are not expensive rather than on areas that are very expensive. 2) When we went through the FAA 51% certification process, it was determined that we could do considerably more of the difficult construction on the wings and fuselage by making the tail its own kit.

Prices at 1 September 2006
Evo kit (w/emp) ..Lycoming Config - $49720
Evo kit (w/o emp)..Lycoming Config - $47720
Evo kit (w/emp)..TCM.IO-550.Config - $50700
Evo kit (w/o emp)..TCM IO-550.Config - $48700
Emp Kit - $2150

Sports QB kit (w emp kit) - $44270
Sports QB kit (w/o emp kit) - $42720

F-1 Rocket
Engine: Lycoming IO-540, 250 hp
HP range: 250-300
Length: 21 ft
Wing span: 22.6 ft
Wing area: 106 sq.ft
Fuel capacity: 52 USG
Empty weight: 1200 lb
Gross weight: 2000 lb
Cruise: 230 mph
Stall: 56 mph
Range: 1150 sm
Rate of climb: 3000 fpm
Takeoff dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 700 ft
Seats: 2 tandem
Cockpit width: 30 in
Landing gear: tailwheel

F-1 Evo
Engine Lycoming IO-540 / Continental 550
HP Range 235-350
Length 21 ft.
Wing Span 24'10"
Wing Area 102 sq. ft.
Top Speed 265 m.p.h.
Fuel Capacity 52 gal
Empty Weight 1300 lbs
Gross Weight 2100 lbs
Cruise Speed (75% power@ 8000' MSL) 240 m.p.h
Stall Speed 50 m.p.h.
Range @55%pwr 1150 sm
Rate of climb sea level 3500 fpm
Take off Distance 300ft
Landing Distance 700ft
Seats 2
Cockpit width 30 in
Landing Gear tail wheel
Building Material Metal
G. Limit +6 -3 g

F1 Sport wing
Engine Lycoming IO-540
HP Range 250-300+
Length 21 ft.
Wing Span 21' 10"
Wing Area 104 sq. ft.
Fuel Capacity 52 gal
Empty Weight 1200lbs
Gross Weight 2000 lbs
Top Speed 250 m.p.h.
Cruise Speed ( TAS @ 10,000MSL @ 60% power) 230 m.p.h
Stall Speed 54 m.p.h.
Range @55%pwr 1000 sm
Rate of climb sea level 3500 fpm
Take off Distance 300ft
Landing Distance 700ft
Seats 2
Landing Gear tail wheel
Building Material Metal
G. Limit +6 -3 g



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