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Taylorcraft Ranger / STOL 180 / Sports Special

Ranger 180GT

US aircraft manufacturer Taylorcraft was marketing a Taylorcraft STOL 180 in 1990 as well as a Ranger and 118hp model. Features of the new 180 range include a three-bladed fully reversable Sensenich propeller as well as a Sports Special an aerobatic variant intended as a candidate for the USAF Air Training Command's aerobatic screening aircraft for potential fighter pilot candidates. The Sports Special is reportedly capable of 155 mpb in level flight and a 2300 fpm capability.

A three seat 180 hp Lycoming-powered aircraft. The 180GT is billed as a STOL performer with an initial climb rate of over 1600 fpm.

STOL 180

Engine: Lycoming, 180 hp
Seats: 3
ROC: 1600fpm

Engine: 118 hp

Sports Special



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