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Taylorcraft D / DL / L-2 / O-57



The 1941 DC and DF models (ATC 746) were tandem-seat trainers, priced at $1,685-1,995.


The 1941 Taylor DL (ATC 746) production totalled 2,348 D models, of which 2,119 DC and DL models went to the USAAF as L-2 and O-57. The L-2A with open cowling, L-2M with closed cowling, and observation as O-57.
L-2M 43-26402
The Auster Mk.I design originated with a pre-war American light cabin monoplane of 1938 built in England under licence. Successful trials with impressed civilian Taylorcraft Plus D aircraft by the Army for artillery spotting duties led to the introduction of the first fully militarised Taylorcraft, the unarmed two-seat Auster I.
L-2A 42-35927
In England, Taylocraft Ltd built 822 D models as Auster AOP-1 Mk III (130hp Cirrus Major) and IV/V (125hp Lycoming O-290).
Taylor D
Engine: Lycoming O-145, 65hp
Seats: 2


Engine: Continental A-65, 65hp
Wingspan: 35'5"
Length: 22'9"
Useful load: 480 lb
Max speed: 102 mph
Cruise speed: 92 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 270 mi
Seats: 2
Engine: Franklin 4AC, 65hp
Seats: 2




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