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Tampier Avion-Automobile

Frenchman Rene Tampier started up again after World War I and successfully built a four-wheeled bi-plane with foldable wings. Tampier first drove his Avion-Automobile in October 1921 and exhibited it at the 1921 Paris Salon, after a two-hour drive in the city. It flew two weeks later.
Tampier opted for two separate powerplants: a small four cylinder motor driving the vehicle's rear axle, and a 300 hp Hispano Suiza V 12 aero engine to get it airborne. The biplane wings folded back alongside the fuselage for motoring. The pilot sat facing the tail when driving.
Between 1922 and 1925 Tampier built several different versions of the Avion Automobile, all of which he drove and flew, but as a vehicle it was cumbersome and awkward and the idea was never adopted commercially.

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