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Swearingen announced the official formation of Sino-Swearingen to complete development and construct the eight place SJ30 business jet. The company is a joint venture between Swearingen and Sino Aerospace Investment Corporation, a grouping of Taiwanese investors, including Taiwan Aerospace Corporation. With the formation of the new company construction will start on a new 18, 600sq.m (200,000 sq ft) assembly plant in Martinsburg, West Virginia (major components will be manufactured in Taiwan and shipped to the US), while the original SJ30 prototype has returned to full test and certification flying duties.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation has flown their SJ30-2 business jet (first flown 1996) at an altitude of 49,000 ft. This cruise level of the aircraft exceeds that of most of the business twinjets or commercial airliners in production. The SJ30-2 is a seven-place twin jet aircraft with an IFR range of 2,500 nm. The aircraft will cruise at speeds in excess of Mach 0.80 and will maintain a “sea level cabin” to 41,000 ft (owing to its pressurization differential being 12.0 psi).

Engines: (2) FJ44-2A Williams Rolls
Overall Length: 46.80 ft (14.26 m)
Overall Height: 14.19 ft (4.33 m)
Wing: Span: 42.33 ft (12.90 m)
Sweep (@ 1/4 Chord): 30.1 deg
Dihedral: 2.3 deg
Area: 190.69 sq ft (17.71 sq m)
Aspect Ratio: 9.40
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC): 5.12 ft (1.56 m)
High Speed Cruise: Mach 0.83 / 560 MPH / 486 KTAS / 901 Km/H
Long Range Cruise 2,875 sm (2500 nm): 0.76Mach / 502MPH / 436KTAS / 807Km/H
Stall Speed: 91 KCAS
FAA Take-Off Balanced Field Length GW: 3,939 ft (1200 m)
FAA Landing Distance: 2,941 ft (896 m)
Seats: Seven Place w/Pilot
Take-Off Thrust: 4,600 lbs total (2,300 lbs ea)
Pressurization: 12.0 psi
Max. Certified Altitude: 49,000 ft
Cabin Altitude is Sea Level Up To: 41,000 ft
Mmo Above 29,500 ft: Mach 0.83
Vmo Up To 29,500 ft: 320 KCAS (593 km/h)
Vref: 105 KCAS
Speed Brake Operation: No Speed Limit
Max. Ramp Wt: 14,050 lbs (6373 kgs)
Max. Take-Off Wt: 13,950 lbs (6327 kgs)
Max. Landing Wt: 12,725 lbs (5772 kgs)
Max. Zero Fuel Wt: 10,500 lbs (4763 kgs)
Basic Operating Wt: 8,650 lbs (3923 kgs)
Max. Fuel Quantity: 4,850 lbs (2199 kgs)
Max. Baggage Compartment Wt: 500 lbs (227 kgs)
Horizontal Tail: Span: 14.56 ft (4.44 m)
Sweep (@ 1/4 Chord): 33 deg
Dihedral: 0 deg
Area: 36.72 sq ft (3.41 sq m)
Aspect Ratio: 5.77
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC): 2.72 ft (0.83 m)
Vertical Tail: Span: 7.21 ft (2.20 m)
Sweep (@ 1/4 Chord): 55.5 deg
Dihedral: 46.80 sq ft (4.35 sq m)
Area: 11.56 sq ft (1.07 sq m)
Aspect Ratio: 1.11
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC): 7.10 ft (2.17 m)
Ventral Fin: Total Area: 11.56 sq ft (1.07 sq m)
Ventral Rudder Area: 1.95 sq ft (0.18 sq m)
Landing Gear: Width Between Main Gear: 6.85 ft (2.09 m)
Wheelbase: 18.84 ft (5.74 m)
Tire Size: 16 in x 4.4 in



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