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SFCA-Peyret Taupin / Le Taupin
Peyret VI Taupin



Societe Francaise De Constructions Aeronautiques / SFCA had license for Peyret "tandem monoplane" renamed and developed as Taupin.

The 1930 Taupin was essentially an enlarged, powered derivative of the Alérion glider. 2-seat tandem-wing.

The wing span was recorded as 7.2m but Sailplane & Glider 31 Mar 1933 says 8.4m main and 6.5m rear wing spans.

Engine: 1 x 50hp Beaussier
Also flown with 30 hp ABC Scorpion horiz-opposed 2-cylinder

The SFCA-Peyret Taupin, aka "Le Taupin" (flown 1937) was an amateur-construction Peyret VI with 1 x 30 hp flat-2 cylinder Mengin 2 A1.









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