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The 1934 S.E.T. XV had a metal frame. /its equipment included oxygen and a complete radio set. The wing was an original S.E.T. profile with flaps.
The armament was two fixed machine guns firing through the propeller. They were under the engine cowling.
Engine: Gnome-hone 9 Krsd, 500 hp
Wingspan: 9.40 m
Length: 7.00 m
Height: 3.05 m
Wing area: 18.65 sq.m
Empty weight: 1150 kg
Max weight: 1550 kg
Max speed: 350 kph
Stall: 113 kph
Max ceiling: 9400 m
Climb to 2000m: 3 min 10 sec
Climb to 7000m: 15 min 30 sec



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