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Santos-Dumont 19 Demoiselle


Built of bamboo and canvas in an attempt to produce a low-priced aeroplane that could be assembled and flown safely by anyone. Santos dumont’s Demoiselle was the first aeroplane to be sold in ‘kit’ form. The advertised price in England was £300.




In 1908 Hélène Dutrieu was asked by the Clément Bayard factory, in France, to be the first pilot of its new ultralight aeroplane, the Santos-Dumont-designed no.19 Demoiselle (Young Lady) monoplane. She crashed on take off during her first flight and the aeroplane was wrecked.


Santos-Dumont no.19




Engine: Darracq, 25 hp
Span: 16'5" - 18 ft
Length: 26'3"

Weight: 242 lb



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