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Sands Fokker DR-1


Ron Sand built a Fokker Dr.1 replica in 1970, then making plans available for home builders. A metal, wood, tube and fabric full-size replica with all the original detailing. Engine options include Warner 145-185hp and Lycoming 150-180 hp.

The replica drawings are high quality Construction prints, not to be confused with the average homebuilt drawing which usually lack detail on method and parts.  The drawings are printed from ink on mylar tracings which result in excellent quality blueprints and show every part as close to full size as possible - with part numbers, specifications and descriptions.




Complete set contains 31 sheets (24" x 36") highly detailed prints include a 14 page (8-1/2" x 11") materials list.  The plans show the complete installations of LeRhone (rotary), Warner (radial) and Lycoming (opposed) engine.  This allows that any engine can be removed and changed with a different type at any time by just removing the engine mount bolts and bolt in the other engine.  
The drawings are complete with instructions on building the jigs required for construction of the wing spars and ribs, with step-by-step assembly instructions.
All of the original full size Fokker DR-1 details are shown.  Many of these details never presented before or lost by previous artists.  For example:
Complete LeRhone engine installation
Warner engine installation with all plumbing and controls
Lycoming opposed engine installation
Original Carl Bamberg compass
Spandau machine guns
Original control stick with throttle and gun-trip levers
Hydraulic brakes are shown for safety but the brake system has been designed not to interfere with the original appearance and is actually an add-on feature to the rudder-bar and can be removed at any time.  Both the original tailskid and steer-able tail-wheel are shown for your choosing and safety.
The only changes made are in the interest of safety of the pilot and reliability of the aircraft.  In addition to the brake system, some of the primary fittings and hardware have been increased in size without a weight penalty.  Since we are not carrying 150 lbs. of guns and ammunition, it is wise to use some of the weight allowance in making the aircraft stronger and more reliable.
The replica Fokker DR-1 is not a difficult aircraft to build nor does it have to be an expensive project providing you don't rush construction and use common sense in purchasing materials.  

Wing Span: 23.50 ft
Length: 19.0 ft
Max. Gross Wt: 1,600 lb
Empty Wt: 1,150 lb
Fuel Capacity: 22.5 Usgal
Range: 250 sm
Takeoff Dist: 300 ft
Landing Dist: 200 ft
Vmax: 120 mph
Vcr: 110 mph
Vs1 (stall clean): 42 mph
Climb Rate @ msl: 1,800 fpm
Serv. Ceiling: 15,000 ft
Seats: 1
Cabin width: 28.0 in

Engine: LeRhone, 110 hp
HP range: 125-200
Height: 9.4 ft
Length: 19.02 ft
Wing span: 23.6 ft
Wing area: 201.8 sq.ft
Fuel cap: 22.5 USG
Weight empty: 949 lb
Gross: 1406 lb
Speed max: 120 mph
Cruise: 110 mph
Range: 250 sm
Stall: 42 mph
ROC: 1800 fpm
Take-off dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 200 ft
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel or skid



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