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Rutan 31 / 61 Long-Ez


Rutan’s Long-EZ is a larger, heavier version of the VariEze built around the 115-hp Lycoming engine. The airframe will accept 115 to 180 hp. It has over four feet more wingspan and nearly half again the wing area of the VariEze. It takes off in 100 feet less distance and lands in only slightly more than half the distance of the original VariEze. While identical in length — 100 inches — the Long-EZ version is two inches wider.

Final flight-testing of No. 1 Long EZ, N79RA, was done in December 1979.

During one record flight, Dick Rutan logged 52.2 hours on a two-week round trip to Florida from Mojave, averaging a 183 mph airspeed. The Rutan factory estimates that the Long-EZ can be built by relatively competent builders in 800-1000 man-hours or nine months of spare time.


None of the VariEze series has been designed for training purposes. The back seat has a slide control stick, and that was all. There were no rudder pedals or brakes, no throttle, no mixture control, no radio and no intercom in back.

The capabilities of the Long-EZ are indicated by two class records established by Dick Rutan, the designer's brother: a closed-circuit distance record of 4800.3 miles (7725.3 km) and a straight-line distance record of 4563.7 miles (7344.56 km).

In 1980 cost was US$198,50 at the RAF (Rutan Air Factory) for a set of homebuilder's plans. In the first five months since long EZ plans have been available, more than 300 sets have been sold.

By 1990 the Rutan design stable of VariEze, LongEze, Defiant and Solitaire were no longer offered for sale.



A rocket powered version of the Long-Ez flew at Mojave in 2002 (see XCOR Aerospace EZ-Rocket).

A 2000 lb thrust jet engine Longeze achieves and initial climb rate of 10,000 fpm.

Longeze jet




Shaw Twin-Ez

Ruton Long-EZ
Engine: Lycoming O-235, 108 hp
Fuel type: 80
Propeller makellype: fixed-pitch, wood
Landing gear: fixed main, retractable nose
Gross weight: 1325 lb
Max landing weight: 1300 lb
Empty weight std: 700 lb
Useful load std: 625 lb
Payload full Std. fuel: 313 lb
Fuel capacity std: 52 USG
Wingspan: 26.3 ft
Wing area: 94.8 sq.ft
Wing loading: 14.0 lb/sq.ft
Power loading: 12.3 Ibs/hp
Seating capacity: 2
Cabin doors: Opening conopy
Cabin length: 100 in
Cabin width: 24.2 in
Max level speed: 190 kt / 220 mph
Never exceed: 190 kt / 220 mph
Cruise speed Best Power 75 % power 8500 ft: 161 kt / 185 mph
Cruise speed Best Power 60 % power 12,500 ft: 148 kt /170 mph
Cruise speed Best Power 40 % power 12,500 ft: 127 kt / 146 mph
Max range w/res 75 % power 8500 ft: 1130 nm / 1298 sm
Max range w/res 60 % power 12,500 ft: 1460 nm / 1677 sm
Max range w/res 40 % power 12,500 ft: 1848 nm / 2125 sm
Fuel consumption 75 % power 8500 ft: 6.7 USgph
Fuel consumption 60 % power 12,500 ft: 4.9 USgph
Fuel consumption 40 % power 12,500 ft: 3.4 USgph
Estimated endurance 60 % power: 10:37 hr
Stall speed flops up, gear up: 68 mph
Stall speed flops down, gear down:: 66 mph
Best rate of climb: 1150 fpm
Absolute ceiling: 26,900 ft
Service ceiling: 17,000 ft
Takeoff ground run: 775 ft
Takeoff over 50-ft obstacle: 1600 ft
Landing ground roll: 780 ft
landing over 50-ft obstacle: 1800 ft



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