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Rollason Beta

Rollason / Luton Beta B2

The Beta is a single seat sporting monoplane of all wood construction. The wing employs an NACA23012 aerofoil section and consists of a rectangular centre section and tapered outer panels. The wing is made up of a single main spar and auxiliary rear spar, wood ribs and plywood covering. The mass balanced wooden ailerons are fabric covered. Flaps are optional. The fuselage is a semi-monocoque structure consisting of elliptical wooden frames and plywood covered. The cantilever tail unit has a ply-covered fin and tail plane and fabric covered control surfaces. The fixed undercarriage has rubber in compression shock absorbers on early models, but spring steel legs on later models. Fuel capacity is 10.5 Imperial gallons. Four versions of the Beta are available, the basic difference being the engine fitted.

Beta B1
Engine: Continental, 65 hp

Beta B2
Engine: Continental, 90 hp

Beta B3
Engine: Ardem 4C02 Mk.V, 55 hp

Beta B4
Engine: Rolls-Royce 0-200, 100 hp
Span: 20’ 5”
Length: l6’8”
Wing Area: 66 sq. ft
Empty Weight: 575 lb
Loaded Weight: 866 lb
Max. Speed: 200 mph
Cruise Speed: 166 mph
Stall Speed: 60 mph (less flaps)
Initial Climb: 1,800 fpm
Range: 300 miles



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