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Robin R3000 / R3140 / R3150


First flown in 1988 in 3000/160 form, the four seat, T tailed Robin 3000 series should appeal to both the trainer and four seat cross country light single markets. A totally new airframe, but with the original Jodel wing planform, the aircraft was available as either a 120 hp or 140 hp version. The R3140 is powered by a derated 160 hp Lycoming and cruises at 119 knots (65 per cent power) over a 640 nm range (optional tanks for extended range available) with four seats.

In 1983 Avion Robin tested a 160 hp PRV V-6 car engine (Peugot, Renault & Volvo) in their new R.3150 prototype.

Certification of the R3000/160 is under Direction Generale L’Aviation Civile France DGAC 172. 


1993 R3000
Engine: Lycoming 0-360-A3A
Seats: 4 seat



Lycoming O-320
Cruise (65%): 119 kt
Range @ 65%: 640 nm
Seats: 4



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