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Robin HR200


The HR 200, an original design of Christophe Heintz (hence the “H” in the designation, with “R” for Robin) when he was working with Pierre Robin, proved less successful than the company had hoped, and the R 2000 was evolved to replace it. The HR.200 was produced in response to a French flying school and club requirement for a two-seat trainer with modest touring capability, and first flew in prototype form during July 1971 as a low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction with fixed but spatted tricycle ending gear and a large clear-view canopy with a forward-sliding front section.


HR200 Club


The HR.200 was produced in variants with Avco Lycoming engines of different ratings. The basic models were the HR.200/100 Club with the 81 kW (108hp) O-235-H2C, the HR.200/120 with the 93-kW (125-hp) O-235-J2A, the HR 200/140 with the 0-320-E and the HR.200/160 with the IO-320-D. Later two low-cost versions were produced as the HR.200/100S based on the HR.200/100 but with simpler equipment and no wheel spats, and the HR.200/120B with the 88-kW (118-hp) O-235-L2A.

HR.200/100 Club 
Engine: Lycoming O-235-H2C, 81 kW (108hp)
HR.200/100 Club 
Engine: Lycoming O-235-C1C, 100hp
Wingspan: 27 ft 4 in / 8.33 m
Length: 21 ft 9.5 in / 6.64 m
Cabin max width: 3 ft 6 in / 1.06 m
Empty weight: 1113 lb / 500 kg
MTOW: 1675 lb / 760 kg
Cruise 75%: 116 kt / 133 mph / 215 kph
Service ceiling: 12,950 ft / 3950 m
Max range: 582 nm / 671 mi / 1080 km
Seats: 4
Baggage: 55 lb / 25 kg
Engine: Lycoming 0-235-H2C, 81 kW (108hp)
Engine: Lycoming O-235-J2A, 93-kW (125-hp)
Engine: Lycoming 0-235-L2A, 88-kW (118-hp)
Prop: McCauley 2 blade, Fixed Pitch
Useful load: 526 lbs
Total fuel: 120 litres
Cruise speed: 90 kts
HR200/125 Club
Engine: Lycoming 0-235, 125-hp
HR 200/140 
Engine: Lycoming 0-320-E
Engine: Lycoming IO-320-D, 119kW (l60hp)
Span: 8.33m (27ft 4in)
Length: 6.64m (21 ft 9.5in)
Max T/O weight: 800kg (1,7631b)
Max speed: 161 mph at sea level
Operational range: 581 miles
HR.200/160 Acrobin
Engine: Lycoming IO-320-D, 119kW (l60hp)







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