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Robin DR400


From the fabric-covered wooden DR.300 series with fixed tricycle landing gear the company evolved the DR.400, introduced in May 1972 with features such as a forward-sliding canopy and lower cabin sides for improved fields of vision. They still feature the wood structure and the cranked wings. The wings are built around a large, single piece, box spar. Steering is still by means of a stick.

The series has generally featured Avco Lycoming engines of a horsepower indicated by the designation suffix, and the original 1972 types include:

DR.400/2+2 - two adults and two children

DR.400/125 Petit Prince - three/four-seat

DR.400/140 Major - four-seat

DR.400/160 Chevalier - 160 hp lycoming O-320-D2A

DR 400/160 Major - 160 hp four-seat, extra fuel capacity, increased wing area

DR.400/180 Regent - 180 hp O-360, four-seat, forward sliding canopy and additional windows

DR.400/180R Remorquer - glider tug

DR.400/100 Cadet - Two seater trainer, 100 hp Continental O-200A

DR.400/120 Dauphin 80

DR.400/180 - 158-kW (212-hp) Porsche PFM.3200 engine.

DR 400-108 Dauphin - 2+2 seater trainer, 108 hp Continental O-235 engine

DR 400-120 Dauphin 2+2 - Like DR 400-108, but with 120 hp engine and additional side windows

DR 400-140 Earl - DR 120 with larger engine and forward sliding canopy

DR 400/140 B Dauphin - 4 four-seat 160 hp

DR 400-180R Remorqueur - Specifically designed as a glider tug with reduced fuel.

DR 400/200 R Remo 200 - 200 hp four seat, for glider towing

DR 400/200i President - 200 hp four/five-seat, larger fuselage, increased cabin space

The later variants of DR400 are real four seaters, capable of carrying both full fuel and four passengers. They are powered by an engine up to 180 hp, which consumes around 35 liters (9 US gallons) of fuel per hour and give the plane a speed of 267 km/h (166 mph). Since its first flight in march 1972, over 1300 DR 400s have been built.



Robin Regent DR400-180


Certification of the DR400-180 and DR400-500 is inder Direction Generale L’Aviation Civile France DGAC 45.


Seats: 2+2

DR.400/125 Petit Prince
Seats: 3-4

DR.400/140 Major
Engine: 140 hp
Seats: 4

DR 400/140 B Dauphin
Engine: 160 hp
Seats: 4

DR.400/160 Chevalier
Engine: 160 hp lycoming O-320-D2A
Seats: 4

DR 400/160 Major
Engine: 160 hp
Seats: 4

DR.400/180 Regent
Engine: l x Avco Lycoming 0-360-A, 134kW (180hp)
Span: 8.72m (28ft 7.25 in)
Length: 6.96m (22ft 10 in)
Max T/O weight: 1100kg (2,4251b)
Max speed: 173 mph at sea level
Operational range: 900 miles.
Seats: 4

DR.400/180R Remorquer

DR.400/100 Cadet
Engine: 100 hp Continental O-200A
Seats: 2

DR.400/120 Dauphin 80
Engine: 120 hp

Engine: 158-kW (212-hp) Porsche PFM.3200

DR 400-108 Dauphin
Engine: 108 hp Continental O-235
Seats: 2+2

DR 400-120 Dauphin 2+2
Engine: 120 hp
Seats: 2+2

DR 400-140 Earl

DR 400/140 B Dauphin
Engine: 160 hp
Seats: 4

DR 400-180R Remorqueur
Seats: 4

DR 400/200 R Remo 200
Engine: 200 hp
Seats: 4

DR 400/200i President
Engine: 200 hp
Seats: 4-5



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