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Riley Twin Navion

Temco Riley Twin Navion N5263K

A 1953 Riley project was to convert the Navion to a twin. The Twin Navions started with two 140 hp engines and graduated to 150s and finally to 170s. He built 15 of the airplanes at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida facility, and 85 others for a total of 100 were built in Greenville, Texas, by Temco (later the "T" in LTV). Temco production of Riley Twin Navions was under a contract with Jack Riley, who handled sales, engineering, and tooling.
Planes were produced by both Riley and Temco on a production line basis in 1953-54, where the first 20 had 140hp Lycoming O-290-D2As, later 150hp 0-320s in larger cowlings as standard for all Twin Navions up to the introduction of the D-16A (or Riley 55).
In December 1953, Temco acquired the Riley Twin Navion program



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