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Rhein-West RW-3 Multoplane


RFB RW3-P75 Multoplan

RWF formed at Porz-Westhoven, near Cologne, in early 1950s to develop a new light aircraft, the RW-3 Multoplane, basically a powered sailplane with Porsche engine driving a propeller mounted between the fin and rudder, and under the tailplane. The production license was subsequently transferred to Rhein-Flugzeugbau GmbH.

It is powered with a Porsche 678/4 aircraft powerplant, a flat-four opposed piston engine with a reduction gearing of 1.981, a takeoff-power rating of 75 hp at 4600 rpm (propeller 2320 rpm), and max continuous power rating of 65 hp at 4500 rpm (propeller 2070 rpm). Leaned out, it delivers 55 hp at 4100 rpm (propeller 2070 rpm), with fuel consumption in economy flight mode 3.7 US gph.





This RW-3 Multoplane was demonstrated in  England during August 1958.










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