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Republic SPA / AT-12


From its P-35 single-seat tighter Republic (latterly Seversky) developed the Model 2PA Guardsman two-seat escort fighter and fighter-bomber with the same type of rearward semi-retracting main landing gear units and the glazed rear portion of the cockpit expanded rearward to accommodate the second crewman. There was no US market for such an aeroplane, so the company looked for export sales.

Two were sold to the USSR as 2PA-L/As, 20 2PA-B3s went to Japan with the local designation A8V1, and 52 2PA-204Ls were ordered by Sweden to supplement her J 9 fighters (P-35s sold with the company designation EP-1-06s). Early in World War II the US administration embargoed the delivery of the 2PA-204Ls to Sweden, and these were taken into the USAAC inventory as AT-12 advanced fighter trainers with the designation AT-12. The aircraft saw limited use in this role during the first part of World War II.


two-seat advanced tighter trainer
Span: 12.5m (41ft )
Length: 8.43m (27 ft 8in)
Powerplant: 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-1830-45, 783kW (1,050 hp)
Armament: 4 or 7 x 7.62-mm (0.3-in) mg
Bombload: 227 kg (500 lb) under wings
Max T/O weight: 2918 kg (6,433 lb)
Max speed: 285 mph at 10,000ft
Operational range: 1,200 miles



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