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Raytheon Hawker Horizon


Hawker Horizon

Raytheon’s biggest Hawker design (30% larger than the 800XP) originated at roughly the same time as the initial work began on the Premier I. The Horizon would be an effort to blend high technology with earlier Hawker flight characteristics.

First flown on 11 August 2001, the Horizon retains its DH125 pedigree but is an all-new aircraft with a thinwall composite fuselage offering some 20% more cabin space for the equivalent weight of a conventional structure. The Horizon complements the upgraded 800XP and the entry-level Premier 1.

The design received FAA certification in 2004. On the flight deck is a Primus Epic flight control system and flight management system. The navigation comes from a dual VHF omni-directional radio navigation system, dual distance measuring equipment, dual inertial navigation system and a dual global positioning system. Preliminary performance specifications for the 37,500-pound-MTOW, P&WC PW308A-powered twinjet include a 470-knot high-cruise speed, 3,366 nm NBAA IFR range (two crew and six passengers), and a 5,088 ft balanced field length.

More than 320 were ordered.

Engines two 6,900-lb Pratt & Whitney PW308A turbofans
Gross wt. 37,700 lb
Empty wt. 21,555 lb
Fuel capacity 2,134 lb
Max cruise 470 kts
Long range cruise 430 kt
Range 2,763-3,477 nm
Ceiling 45,000 ft
Takeoff distance 5,088 ft
Landing distance 2,907 ft
Seats 8-14



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