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Questair Venture / Sprint



Designed by Jim Griswold, the prototype had only 50 hours on it when it arrived at Oshkosh 1988. Griswold’s company, Questair, was tooled up and nearly through the flight test program. The structural and flight test programs were the same as the FAA specified for factory certified planes.
The Venture uses stretched form fuselage skins that come as part of the kit ($49,950 1988). The cockpit was designed to be wider than a twin engined Beechcraft Baron.
The all-metal, roomy, fast, kit-built NuVenture (formally Questair Venture) was the winner and fastest plane at the Aircraft Spruce-sponsored 1998 Sun ’n Fun Sun100 race with an average speed of 303 mph.
The NuVenture flies on a Cont. I0-550-G with empty weight of 1240 lbs. The fuel tank holds 56 gallons. Vso is 61 KIAS. Range 12,000’ is 1,000Nm, VFR w/reserves or a cruise of 240 KTAS of 138 lb/h of fuel.
The Spirit derivative has fixed undercarriage.

Engine: Continental IO-550N6B, 310HP @ 2700 RPM
Propeller:  McCauley BlackMac, 68"
Wing span: 27.5 ft
Wing area: 72.5 sq ft
Wing loading: 27.6 lb / sq ft
Structural limits: +5 G, -2.5G @ 2000 lb
Fuel capacity: 56 USG std, 88 optional
Gross weight: 2000 lb
Empty weight, equipped: 1300 lb
Payload: 700 lb
Cruise speed: 240 kt, 276 mph
Cabin width: 46 inches
Sea level top speed: 250 knots
Max rate of climb: 2500 ft / min
Takeoff to 50 ft: 1000 ft
Landing over 50 ft: 1600 ft
Range: 1000 nm, VFR reserves
Vx (best angle of climb): 90 knots
Vy (best rate of climb): 130 knots
Vne (never exceed): 300 knots
Va (maneuvering speed): 156 knots
Vso (stall in landing configuration): 61 knots
Vs1 (stall, clean): 68 knots
Gear speed (all): 170 knots
Seats: 2



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