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Pro-Composites Personal Cruiser


The Personal Cruiser currently uses a Corvair automotive engine converted for aircraft use, and is designed for an installed engine weight of up to 250lbs and from 65-115 hp. The Personal Cruise has a 29" wide cabin.

The 2009 airframe kit price was $9,710.  In the air complete from $18k to $25k.




Engine: Corvair 2700cc, 100 hp
Hp range: 60-120
Wing area: 76.5 sqft
Span: 25.5 ft
M.A.C: 36 in
Airfoil: Eppler
Aspect Ratio: 8
Dihedral: 6 degrees
Length: 17’ 4”
Empty Weight: 650 - 750 lbs
Useful Load: 500 lbs
Gross Weight: 1250 lbs
Fuel Load: 12-18 US Gallons
Vne: 212 mph
Va: 147 mph
Econ. Cruise power: 116 mph @  2.5 gph
High Cruise: 150  mph @ 4.8 gph
Rate of Climb: 700-1800 feet/min
Stall: 58 mph (Clean)
Load factor: +4.5g/-3.0 at 1250lbs
Take-off / Landing: 400 ft/ 350ft
Cockpit Width: 29” interior dimension
V-tail Area: 16 sqft
V-tail Span: 6.125 ft
V-tail Airfoil: Eppler
Landing Gear: Fixed Tri-gear w/castering nose wheel



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