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Snow S2 Thrush


By 1955 plans were under way for the S2 model, to be joined by the S2B, a 450 hp version, with the pilot sitting behind the hopper. This first flew in August 1956. The smaller model, the S2A, was fitted with the Continental W670-6A radial engine of 220 hp and 74 of these were built by the Snow Aeronautical Corporation. Only 17 of the larger 450 hp S2B were built and this was followed by the Snow S2C-450, still an open cockpit aircraft with distinctive overturn protection incorporating a larger hopper and a wing span increased to 44 feet, 7 inches. The empty weight was 2940 lbs and loaded, 5700 lbs. Some 215 were built, at least half with the 600 hp P&W R-1340-AN1 which increased the loaded weight to 6000 lbs.

The first Snow S2C appeared in 1960, a follow-on aircraft to the similar Snow S2B of which nineteen were produced. Both were powered by the 450-hp R-985. At that time Snow were also building the S2A which was produced until 1962. A smaller aircraft, the pilot sat in front of the hopper. Some S2C aircraft had the wingtips removed and were fitted with large end plates.


Snow S-2C N1633S


Around 260 Snow S2Cs were built, firstly powered with a 450hp P&W R-985-AN-1, first flying on 12 April 1961, a 600-hp P&W R-1340-AN-1 version first flying on 12 May 1961. From 1962 until production was superseded by the Aero Commander-Snow S2D-600 in 1965. Until this point all aircraft were built with open cockpits.




In 1965 the Snow Corporation was taken over by Aero Commander and a new model, the S2D-600, was flown in 1965. It was the first with the new enclosed cockpit, setting the lines for the later Thrushes and with a larger hopper. Snow also modified the aircraft to incorporate a loader driver seat directly behind the pilot's and facing rear.

Aero Commander built 105 S2D-600’s. The S2D was fitted with an even larger hopper suitable for rice sowing and fertiliser spreading and this became the Rockwell S2R-600 Thrush in 1968.


Rockwell Thrush Commander


Re-engining became popular. Besides the R-1340 version, Rockwell introduced the S2R Thrush 800 fitted with a Wright R-1300B1 radial of 800 hp. In 1975 two US Ag operators, Marsh in Arizona and Ayres in Georgia, fitted Garrett and Pratt & Whitney turbines to Thrush aircraft. Marsh had previously fitted a Garrett TPE-331 Pre-Century of 575 shaft horse power to an open cockpit 1965 model Snow S2C and it was first flown on 9 July 1973. It is the first known conver-sion, known as the Marsh S2R-T Turbo-Thrush, of an agricultural aircraft in the United States; N1674S, #600-1250C (the 250th ag-plane built by Snow), was later sold to Plexico as XB-ETQ. Another conver-sion by Serv-Aero Engineering was to fit the 1200 hp Wright R-1820-71 piston radial.

In 1977, the Ayers Corporation, of Albany, Georgia, purchased the Thrush Commander line and continued to build the S2R, with the same constructors serial sequence, finally ending at 2582R.

A new sequence was started by Ayres with the 750 hp P & W PT6A-34AG with constructors numbers beginning with 6001, and incorporating one major change, the fitting of a 500 US gallon hopper. The 5000 sequence was used for the 100 or so 800 hp Wrights built by Rockwell.

Once Ayres had taken over, one of the new versions was named the Bull Thrush, powered with a 1200 hp Wright R-1820-97 and fitted with a 500 US gallon hopper. One of the new features was a Dual Cockpit variant, being denoted by a DC at the end of the constructor’s number. From this time Ayres were to start a whole new series of constructors num-bers, prefixed by S2R, followed by engine model fitted and then a number, in most cases, starting at -001. As example, S2R-1340-... (600 hp), S2R-1820-... (1200 hp), S2R-RS3-... (PZL R83, 595 hp) and S2R-T34-... (750 hp).



Snow 600 S-2D Owners Manual

Engine: Continental W670-6A, 220 hp

Engine: 450 hp

Engine: 450hp P&W R-985-AN-1
Wingspan: 42’ 6”
Length: 29’ 8”
Height: 2.71 m (8’ 10.5”)
Empty wt: 2940 lb
Loaded wt: 5700 lb
Useful load: 2470 lb
Hopper load: 2000 lb
Max speed: 130 mpg
Cruise: 115 mph
Stall: 69 nph
Range: 330 mi
Engine: 600hp P&W R-1340-AN-1
Wingspan: 42’ 6”
Length: 27’ 6”
Height: 2.71 m (8’ 10.5”)
Empty wt: 3150 lb
Loaded wt: 6000 lb
Useful load: 2720 lb
Hopper load: 2400 lb
Max speed: 140 mpg
Cruise: 120 mph
Stall: 72 nph
Range: 270 mi


S2R 600 Thrush
First built: 1968
Engine: 1 x P&W R-1340, 600 hp
TBO: 1000 hrs
Prop: Hamilton Standard 2 blade, constant speed 109 in
Seats: 1
Length: 29.3 ft
Height: 9.2 ft
Wingspan: 44.4 ft
Wing area: 326.6 sq.ft
Wing aspect ratio: 6
Max ramp wt: 6000 lbs
Max take off wt: 6000 lbs
Standard empty wt: 3700 lbs
Max useful load: 2300 lbs
Max landing wt: 6000 lbs
Wing loading: 18.3 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 10 lbs/hp
Max useable fuel: 624 lbs
Hopper capacity: 400 USG
Climb rate: 680 fpm
Climb rate @ 8000 ft: 275 fpm
Service ceiling; 15,000 ft
Max speed: 109 kts
Working speed: 100 kts
Fuel flow @ working speed: 187 pph
Endurance @ working speed: 3.2 hr
Stalling speed clean: 60 kts
Stall speed flaps down: 56 kts
Turbulent air penetration speed: 109 kts
Fixed tail-wheel undercarriage

Rockwell Thrush Commander 800
Engines: Wright R-1300-1B, 800 hp
Seats: 1
Wing loading: 18.4 lb/sq.ft
Pwr loading: 7.5 lb/hp
Max TO wt: 6000 lb
Empty wt: 4400 lb
Equipped useful load: 1550 lb
Payload max fuel: 963 lb
Range max fuel/ 75% pwr: 173 nm/ 1.5 hr
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft
Hopper cap: 400 USG
75% cruise: 119 kt
Working speed: 109 kt
Working endurance: 2.2 hr
Stall: 59-62 kt
ROC: 1350 fpm
Min field length: 900 ft
Fuel cap: 587 lb


Rockwell Thrush Commander
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1, 600 hp
Wingspan: 44 ft 5 in / 13.54 m
Length: 29 ft 4.5 in / 8.95 m
Empty weight: 3700 lb / 1678 kg
MTOW: 6900 lb / 3130 kg
Cruise 70%: 107.5 kt / 124 mph / 200 kph
ROC SL: 900 fpm / 274 m/min
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft / 4570 m
Ferry range 50% pwr: 408 nm / 470 mi / 756 km
Seats: 1
Hopper capacity: 53 cu.ft / 1.50 cu.m / 400 USG / 1514 lt / 3280 lb / 1487 kg


Rockwell Thrush Commander





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