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SIAI-Marchetti SF.250 / SF.260
Aviamilano F.250
Waco Meteor



The prototype for the SF.260 series, known as the F.250, flew for the first time on 15 July 1964. The version developed initially for civil production was manufactured at first under licence from Aviamilano by SIAI-Marchetti and is designated SF.260 (initials in SF.260 denoted design by Stelio Frati). Subsequently SIAI-Marchetti became the official holder of the type certificate and of all manufacturing rights of the SF.260.

A cabin monoplane with a cantilever low wing, the fuselage is an all-metal semi-monocoque structure of relatively thick skins and minimal stringers. The wing has a metal single spar, Friese type ailerons and electric slotted flaps. The wing is NACA 64-212 at the root and NACA 64-210 at the tip. The empennage contains cantilevered flying surfaces, with a manually operated trim tab on the elevator. The retractable tricycle undercarriage has oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers and a steerable nose wheel.

Designed by Stelio Frati and built in Italy, it is a 4 seater low-wing aircraft powered by a 260 hp Lycoming and has been predominantly sold in military versions since first flying in 1966. The SF.260 received FAA certification on 1 April 1966.

Production of SF.260s for military use continued into 1987 in three versions: the SF.260M basic trainer, the armed SF.260W Warrior trainer and light attack aircraft, and the SF.260TP, powered by an Allison 250-B17C turboprop in place of the Lycoming 0-540 piston engine of the earlier models. The airframe is common in each case, except for a lengthened fuselage for the turboprop version. The SF.260W and TP have up to four underwing pylons for a variety of light stores, including rocket and gun pods to a maximum of 300kg.

Replacing the earlier C model, the SF.260D is powered by a 260 hp (194 kW) Textron Lycoming O-540-E4A5 engine and has the aerodynamic and structural improvements developed for the military SF260M. The similar SF260W Warrior can also double as a tactical support/liaison aircraft with light weapons. Production continues in 1990 of the SF.260TP, of which more than 60 had been ordered powered by the 350 shp (261 kW) Allison 250-B17D turboprop.

Some 350 SF260s were built in the 14 years since the type first flew. By 1993 more than 700 civil and military SF.260s of all models had been completed, most of which were for export.


Waco Aircraft [2] was founded in 1966 to build SF.260 (as Waco Meteor), and Socata Rallye Commodore (as Waco Minerva).

Waco Meteor


In 1990 the PADC in the Philippines started assembling S 211s, followed by SF 260 TPWs and SF 600 Canguro in agreement with SIAI Marchetti of Italy.




Aviamilano F.250
Engine: Lycoming 250 hp.

SIAI-Marchetti SF.260
Engine: Lycoming O-540-E4A5, 260 hp
TBO: 2000 hr
Fuel type: 100LL
Propeller type: CS
Landing gear type: Tri./Retr
Max ramp weight: 2430 lb
Gross weight, utility: 2430 lb
Gross weight, aerobatic: 2205 lb
Landing weight: 2430 lb
Empty weight, std: 1664 lb
Useful load, std: 766 lb
Useable fuel, std: 62 USG
Payload, full std. fuel: 377 lb
Wingspan: 27 ft. 5 in
Overall length: 23 ft. 4 in
Height: 7 ft. 11 in.
Wing area: 109 sq. ft
Wing Loading: 22.3 lbs./sq.ft
Power loading: 9.3 lbs./hp
Seating capacity: 3/4
Cabin width: 40 in
Cabin height: 36 in
Cruise speed, 75% power: 186 kt
Fuel consumption, 65% power: 12.4 USgph
Max range, 75% power: 800 nm
Max range, 55% power: 1040 nm
Vso: 57 kt
Best rate of climb, SL: 1700 fpm
Service ceiling: 21,370 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 820 ft
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle: 1610 ft
Landing ground roll: 790 ft
Landing over 50 ft. obstacle: 1610 ft

Engine: Lycoming O-540-E4A5 or D4A5, 260 hp
Prop: Hartzell 2 blade CS 76 in
Wingspan: 27 ft 5 in
Wing area: 108.7 sq.ft.
Aileron area total: 8.5 sq.ft.    
Flaps area total: 12.7 sq.ft.
Fin area:    8.05 sq.ft.
Rudder area: 5.38 sq.ft.
Tailplane area: 14.9 sq.ft.
Elevator area: 10 sq.ft.
Length: 23 ft
Height: 7 ft 7 in
Wheel track: 7 ft 5 in
Wheel base: 5 ft 3.5 in
Tire size mains: 6.00 x 6    
Tire size nose: 5.00 x 5
Seats: 3
MTOW normal: 2430 lb
MTOW aerobatic: 2095 lb    
Empty wt: 1488 lb    
Useful load: 937 lb
Wing loading: 22.4 lb/sq.ft
Power loading: 9.3 lb/sq.ft
Fuel cap wing total/useable: 26 /25.4 USG
Baggage capacity: 90 lb
Fuel cap tip tanks total/useable: 38 /36.6 USG
Max cruise SL: 230 mph    
Range max cruise 30min res: 1275 sm
75% cruise fuel burn: 19 USG/hr
60% cruise fuel burn: 14 USG/hr
Stall: 65 mph    
Vy: 125 mph
ROC SL: 1880 fpm
Service ceiling: 21,235 ft
Take off ground roll: 790 ft
Landing ground roll: 790 ft
Landing over 50ft obst: 1610 ft


Engine: Textron Lycoming O-540-E4A5, 260 hp (194 kW).
Rear seat load limit: 260 lb
Max cruise@ 10 000 ft: 186 kts.
Max range: 1,100 nm



Engine: 1 x Allison 250-B17D turboprop, 350 shp (261 kW).
Span: 8.35 m
Length: 7.4 m.
Wing area: 10.1 sq.m
Empty wt: 750 kg.
MTOW: 1300 kg.
Warload: 300 kg.
Max speed: 380 kph
Initial ROC: 660 m / min.
Ceiling:     8500+ m
T/O run: 300 m.
Ldg run: 305 m
Fuel internal: 235 (+144) lt.
Range: 950 km
Endurance: 3hr 20min.
Combat radius lo-lo-hi: 150 km

SF.260W Warrior

Max take-off weight: 1300 kg / 2866 lb
Loaded weight: 830 kg / 1830 lb
Wingspan: 8.35 m / 27 ft 5 in
Length: 7.1 m / 23 ft 4 in
Height: 2.41 m / 8 ft 11 in
Wing area: 10.1 sq.m / 108.72 sq ft
Max. speed: 305 km/h / 190 mph
Ceiling: 4480 m / 14700 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 1715 km / 1066 miles
Armament: 300kg on underwing pylons







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