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The Potez 36 was a French two-seat touring or sport high-wing braced monoplane designed by Coroller and Jarry and built by Potez at Meaulte, near Amiens in the Somme, and first flown in 1929. A braced high-wing monoplane, the Potez 36 had wide-track divided conventional landing gear, and its pilot and passenger were seated side-by-side in a fully enclosed cabin. Some of the aircraft had Potez-designed leading-edge slats produced a high safety factor, and its design also included folding wings, making it suitable for garage storage and easy to tow behind a car.
Potez 36/21 F-ALTQ 26 Apr 1935
The first serial Potez 36/3 was released in 1929. There were six manufactured without slats and with the Salmson 5Ac 60 hp engine. This was followed by several production versions.
Potez 36s proved a great success and some 300 were built for private owners and clubs between 1929 and 1933. Some were used by I'Armee de I'Air as scout/ liaison aircraft during the 1930s.
Potez 36
Prototype of the series powered by a 45 kW (60 hp) Salmson 5Ac radial engine.
production version powered by a 52 kW (70 hp) Renault 4Pa; two built.
Potez 36/3
Prototype followed by six production aircraft with no slats, powered by a 45 kW (60 hp) Salmson 5Ac radial engine.
Potez 36/5
Variant with no slats but powered by a 71 kW (95 hp) Salmson 7Ac engine; five built, the first flew in August 1929.
Potez 36/13
Production version of the 36/5 but fitted with leading-edge slats, 96 built, the first few in June 1931.
Potez 36/14
Variant with a 71 kW (95 hp) Renault 4Pb engine and leading-edge slate and wheel brakes, 103 built. The last copy is on display in the suspended Albert Station, near Amiens. (F-PHZN since 1957, ex. F-MMEA No. 3207 of 1933)
Potez 36/15
Variant with a 75 kW (100 hp) Potez 6AC engine, 18 built 1931-32.
Potez 36/17
Variant with a 78 kW (104 hp) Cirrus Hermes IIB engine, two built in September 1931.
Potez 36/19
Variant with a 75 kW (100 hp) Renault 4Pci engine, two built in 1932.
Potez 36/21
Production variant with a 75 kW (100 hp) Potez 6Ac engine and wheels with balloon tyres, 29 built from November 1932.
Potez 36/3
Engine: 1 x Salmson 5Ac radial, 45kW / 60 hp
Wingspan: 10.45 m / 34 ft 3 in
Wing area: 20.00 sq.m / 215.29 ft2
Length: 7.50 m / 24 ft 7 in
Height: 2.45 m / 8 ft 0 in
Empty weight: 427 kg / 941 lb
Max take-off weight: 650 kg / 1433 lb
Max. speed: 150 km/h / 93 mph
Ceiling: 3600 m / 11800 ft
Range: 500 km / 311 miles
Seats: 2
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