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Pop’s Props Pinocchio


First flown in 1994, the prototype is powered by a twin-carburetted, two cylinder VW, with plans that will include optional motor mount illustrations for Kawasaki installation. The aircraft boasts three-axis controls and large tail surfaces. Wings carry full-span ailerons and can be detached for trailering. Its wire-bracing, spoked wheels and radial cowling gives the craft a very nostalgic look.

All wood construction. Estimated hp of the 2 cylinder VW is 40-45 hp. Construction. The fuselage is all wood incorporating 3mm plywood skin from firewall to seat back and aft of the seat on the centre section. From there, full length gussets all the way to the tail of all four corners.




Laminated bows help round out the fin and rudder and scallops accent the elevator and rudder trailing edges. The stabiliser leading edge is .8mm ply wrapped around wood formers to create a rigid D box and wire bracing tops off the lightweight but strong tail package.

The 16% Clark Y airfoil and 54” chord were chosen for the wings because of its superior stall speed characteristics and high lift capabilities. 30 dihedral was added for stability and 20 of incidence. Teleflex push-pull cables operate the full span ailerons safely and precisely. Leading edge is .8mm plywood wrapped around 3/4” foam nose ribs with 1/8” ply formers at each end and on all butt joints. Wire bracing not only makes for quick and easy wing removal but adds to the look of early aviation. Fuel is pulled from a 4.8 USG plastic tank tucked neatly above the pilot’s shins and filler is recessed into the rounded aluminium cover. Laminated foam cowl cheeks taper the round cowling into the fuselage which makes for a smooth flowing transition.

“Pinocchio’s” airframe requires no welding, no fibreglass work and the prototype was designed and constructed in approximately 500 hrs.

Speed max: 70 mph
Cruise: 60 mph
Range: 150 sm
Stall: 27 mph
ROC: 450 fpm
Take-off dist: 250 ft
Landing dist: 350 ft
Service ceiling: 2,000 ft
Engine: ½ VW, 45 hp
HP range: 35-50
Fuel cap: 4.8 USG
Weight empty: 254 lb
Gross: 500 lb
Height: 5.5 ft
Length: 16.5 ft
Wing span: 25.75 ft
Wing area: 115.8 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel
Tail span: 7’ without tips
Cockpit length: 46 1/2”
Cockpit width: 21 3/4”
Gear span: 46 1/2”
Payload: 230 lbs
Kit: Yes
Construction materials: Wood/fabric
Plans: Yes
Options: 2 cycle firewall forward capable.


Engine: Rotax 447, 40 hp
Wing span: 8 m
Wing area: 10.76 sq.m
MAUW: 226 kg
Empty weight: 115 kg
Fuel capacity: 19 lt
Max speed: 130 kph
Cruise speed: 100 kph
Minimum speed: 45 kph
Climb rate: 2.5 m/s
Fuel consumption: 2.5 lt/hr
Seats: 1
Plan price (1998): US$120
Kit price (1998): US$3995






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