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Pletnyov Zhuravlic


A single-seat single engine, high-wing monoplane with hybrid control circa 1983. Wing has unswept leading and trailing edges, and constant chord; cruciform tail. Pitch control by weight shift; yaw control by fully flying rudder; no separate roll control; control inputs through weight-shift for pitch/yaw/roll. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; wing profile single surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tail-dragger formation. Metal-tube framework, without pod. Engine mounted below wing driving pusher propeller.

It appears to have a rudder to assist the weight-shift in yaw, a combination which is sufficient to class the Zhuravlic as a hybrid, but it is not clear whether a similar arrangement is used for pitch control or whether the pilot relies solely on weight-shift for up/down control.

No details are given of the power unit, except that it is of 350 cc and is coupled to a two-blade propeller.

Wing span 31.5 ft, 9.60 m
Engine: 350 cc
Empty weight 121 lb, 55 kg
Max level speed 37.5 mph, 60 kph
Best glide ratio with power off: 30/1
Take-off distance 66ft, 20m
Landing distance 33ft, 10m
Service ceding 6600ft, 2000m


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