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Pitts Model 11 Super Stinker

In 1991 Curtis and a group of friends formed a new company, Aero Design Eleven, and he designed the Model 11-260. A single seat Lycoming powered aerobatic biplane incorporating all that has been learned including his "Aerodynamically Boosted Ailerons."  Construction of the model 11 then began.

In 1993 the prototype model 11 was completed by Curtis Pitts, Pat Ledford, Don Lovern, Bill Lancaster and Will Teft.  The new airplane was dubbed "Super Stinker" in the tradition of many of the prototype designs Curtis created through the years.


S-1-11B Super Stinker
Engine: IO-540, 250 hp
Speed max: 205 mph
Cruise: 187 mph
Range: 350 sm
Stall: 64 mph
ROC: 3300 fpm
Take-off dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 1200 ft
HP range: 250-328
Fuel cap: 29 USG
Weight empty: 1025 lb
Gross: 1500 lb
Height: 6 ft
Length: 17.5 ft
Wing span: 18 ft
Wing area: 110 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Roll sate: 360 deg/sec
Landing gear: tail wheel




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