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Pitts S-1

Pitts S-1-11B Super Stinker

Curtis Pitts began designing the single-seat S-1 in 1942. The 55-hp prototype flew in September 1944, but the most famous early model was Little Stinker, built by Curtis Pitts in 1947 for Betty Skelton, an internationally known aerobatic display pilot. Stinker was powered by a 90-hp Continental, but Black Beauty (built by Pitts for Caro Bailey) started the trend toward more power by packing a 125-hp Lycoming O-290.


Betty Skelton Pitts Special

The Pitts Special is a single seat, open cockpit, fully aerobatic biplane. The fuselage is made up of a welded steel tube structure to which plywood formers and wooden stringers are fitted, the whole being fabric covered except for the aluminium front panels. Roth wings have solid spruce spars to which are fitted wooden ribs, each wing panel being internally and externally wire braced and fabric covered. The wings are set at 6 degrees sweep back at the quarter chord line, Frise type ailerons are fitted only to the lower wings, which have 3 degrees dihedral. Single faired interplane struts and N type cabane struts are fitted. The wing airfoil section is an M6.The main undercarriage is made up of welded steel tube and utilises rubber cord shock absorption. The tail wheel is steerable. A 16 Imperial gallon fuel tank is located immediately aft of the firewall. Engines of from 100-200 h.p. may be fitted.



The S-1D is a four aileron version with a modified M-6 airfoil, completely certified.

The S-1S model was first year built in 1974. The price in 1982 was $41,690 as a complete kit, ot certified under FAA A8SO.

The S-1T is a single-seater model which claims roll rates of up to 240 degrees/second. Pitts has sold more than 2500 sets of plans for the popular S-1T.


By 1998 the Pitts S-1 was marketed by Aviat Aircraft.



Engine: Lycoming IO-360-B4A, 180 hp
Speed max: 147 mph
Cruise: 143 mph
Range: 250 sm
Stall: 64 mph
ROC: 2600 fpm
Take-off dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 600 ft
HP range: 125-200
Fuel cap: 20 USG
Weight empty: 720 lb
Gross: 1150 lb
Height: 6.25 ft
Length: 15.5 ft
Wing span: 17.33 ft
Wing area: 98 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel

Engine: Lycoming O-320, 150 hp
Cruise: 150 mph
ROC: 2650 fpm
Range: 300 sm
Span: 17 ft 5 in
Length: 15 ft 6 in
Empty wt: 720 lb
Max wt: 1050 lb

First built: 1973
Engine: Lycoming AEIO-360-B4A, 180 hp
TBO: 2000 hr
Prop: Sensenich 2-blade, 72-in
Seats: 1
Length: 15.5 ft
Height: 6.3 ft
Wingspan: 17.3 ft
Wing area: 98.5 sq.ft
Maximum ramp weight: 1150 lb
Maximum takeoff weight: 1150 lb
Standard empty weight: 740 lb
Maximum useful load: 410 lb
Maximum landing weight: 1150 lb
Wing loading: 11.7 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 6.4 lbs/hp
Maximum usable fuel: 120 lb
Best rate of climb: 2500 fpm
Service ceiling: 18,000 ft
Maximum speed: 139 kt
75% cruise: 123 kt
55% cruise: 115 kt
Stalling speed: 56 kt
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 134 kt
Fixed tail wheel under carriage
Payload max fuel: 257 lb
Range max fuel/75% pwr: 148 nm/1.2 hr
Range max fuel / 55% pwr: 190 nm/ 1.7 hr
Min field length: 800 ft
Fuel cap: 114 lb

Gross Wt. 1150 lb
Empty Wt. 830 lb
Fuel capacity 20 USG
Wing span 17’4”
Length 15’6”
Engine 200-hp AEIO-360-AE1
Top speed 185 mph
Cruise 175 mph
Stall 64 mph
Climb rate 2800 fpm

S-1-11B Super Stinker
Engine: IO-540, 250 hp
Speed max: 205 mph
Cruise: 187 mph
Range: 350 sm
Stall: 64 mph
ROC: 3300 fpm
Take-off dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 1200 ft
HP range: 250-328
Fuel cap: 29 USG
Weight empty: 1025 lb
Gross: 1500 lb
Height: 6 ft
Length: 17.5 ft
Wing span: 18 ft
Wing area: 110 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Roll sate: 360 deg/sec
Landing gear: tail wheel


Aviat Aircraft Pitts S-1
Engine: Lycoming
Wing span: 5.27 m
Wing area: 9.06 sq.m
MAUW: 522 kg
Empty weight: 345 kg
Fuel capacity: 72 lt
Max speed: 222 kph
Cruise speed: 195 kph
Minimum speed: 100 kph
Climb rate: 12.5 m/s
Seats: 1
Fuel consumption: 35 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): US$250






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