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Pither Monoplane


Herbert John Pither of Invercargill, New Zealand, was a professional cyclist, cycle and small engine manufacturer and aviation experimenter. The basic facts are clear. Pither built a Bleriot-type monoplane, and a V-4 configured engine to power it. He incor-porated some ideas of his own, including the early use of bicycle steel for the airframe. His workmanship was of a high standard.

Pither tested his aircraft on a remote Southland beach in winter 1910, but there is no contemporary record of a witness to the flight he later described. He claimed to have flown for 1.5 km along Riverton Beach on 15 July 1910 at a height of 30 ft.

He took it to Australia in November 1910 hoping to attract the attention of the Australian government, and then disappeared from aviation history.



1910 Pither Monoplane reproduction


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