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Pipistrel Spider


Pipistrel Trikes are light, two seat, weight shift UL aircraft. The Italian army chose Pipistrel trikes for training special army troops. For the same reason the Pipistrel Trikes were used by the Army of Croatia in the independence war, but the trikes are mostly built for sport and school purpose.

The Spider has all wheel fairing, larger front wheel and stronger brakes, and it includes an electric starter, 3-point seat belts, running light and parking brake. It has a 4-blade ground adjustable composite low noise propeller and gear ratio 1:4,00. The BRS, GRS, USH and Paradelta rescue systems are easy to mount.

In Germany the Spider trike has been fitted with Hazard, XP, Mild, Falcon and Fun wings.The two seat tandem Spider is made of composite materials and electrostatic powder coated hot paint protected steel, and provided ready to fly, certified like UL aircraft in various countries. There is a 1 year warranty.
The standard engine is a Rotax 582, 64 hp, and a 4 blade composite ground adjustable propeller.

All models have:
- spring front fork suspension and glass-carbon back suspension,
- engine support on double set of anti vibration shock absorbers,
- seat belts,
- auto stabile front fork with foothold and fast tire change system,
- 4 ply 4.00 x 100 back wheels,
- big composite instrument panel for 8 instruments mounted on shock absorbers,
- complete electrics installation with 2 engine check switches,
- complete fuel installation with fuel pump support on shock absorbers,
- all engine cables in auto lubricated Teflon bowdens,
- Mount for rescue system: Yes
- Empty Weight without wing: 231 lbs (105 kg)
- Fuel Capacity: 11 gal (43 l)


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