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Piper PA-42 Cheyenne III / IV

Cheyenne IV

The PA42-1000 Cheyenne IV was announced in 1983 as basically a Cheyenne III with more powerful engines. In September 1983 it was renamed Cheyenne C400LS. The PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400LS received its type certificate FAA A23SO July 13, 1984.

Keeping company with all the new commuter aircraft, the Cheyenne 400 was slightly over-weight, necessitating a 100 lb increase to take-off and landing weights - now 12,050 and 11,100 lbs respectively. In spite of the increased weight Piper engineers have lowered the full flap stall speed from 92 knots to 84 knots I.A.S. and increased the single engine rate of climb from 980 to 997 feet/minute. Piper hoped to improve the accelerate-stop and accelerate-go figures, which were 3275 feet (998 metres) and 3485 feet (1062 metres) respectively.

On 30 June 1980 Piper began production deliveries of a new version, intended as a 6/11-seat corporate or commuter transport, this Cheyenne III differs considerably from its predecessors, having a wing of increased span, lengthened fuselage, a T-tail, and more powerful Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A turboprop engines installed in lengthened nacelles.

The Cheyenne III in production was complemented by the Cheyenne IIIA which differs primarily by having 634kW PT6A-61 turboprop engines flat-rated at 537kW and offering performance improvements.

In addition to the Cheyenne III, Piper was involved in the certification programme of a new Cheyenne IV during 1983, with two 1,227kW Garrett TPE331-14A/14B counter-rotating turboprop engines, each of them flat-rated at 746kW. Deliveries of the Cheyenne IV began in the early summer of 1984. It was one of the fastest propeller light twins, at over 644km/h.

The Cheyenne was one of the very few Piper products to remain in volume production after the company's financial reorganisation in 1991/92. Versions on offer included the Cheyenne IIIA of which 59 had been delivered by early 1993. Nine Cheyenne IIIs delivered to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, fitted with AN/APG-66 radar and a ventral FLIR, were used for day and night time surveillance missions. They are known as Customs High Endurance Tracker (CHET) aircraft. Cheyenne IIIs are joined at the Lock Haven production line by the PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400. Originally the Cheyenne IV, it later became the Cheyenne 400LS. Deliveries total 43.

PA-42-720 Cheyenne III
First built: 1980
Engines: 2 x P&W PT6A-41, 720 shp / 537kW
Props: Hartzell 3-blade, 95-in
Seats: 9/11
Length: 13.23 m / 43 ft 5 in
Height: 14.8 ft
Wingspan: 47.7 ft
Wing area: 293 sq.ft / 27.22 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio: 7.8
Maximum ramp weight: 11,285 lb
Maximum takeoff weight: 11,200 lb / 5080 kg
Standard empty weight: 6389 lb / 2898 kg
Maximum useful load: 4896 lb
Zero-fuel weight: 9758 lb
Maximum landing weight: 10,330 lb
Wing loading: 38.2 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 7.8 lbs/hp
Maximum usable fuel: 3819 lb
Best rate of climb: 2236 ft
Certificated ceiling: 33,000 ft
Max pressurisation differential: 6.3 psi
8000 ft cabin alt @: 28,500 ft
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 531 fpm @ 115 kt
Single-engine climb gradient: 277 ft/nm
Single-engine ceiling: 14,550 ft
Maximum speed: 290 kt
Normal cruise @ 28,000ft: 275 kt
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 516 pph
Endurance at normal cruise: 6.4 hr
Stalling speed clean: 99 kt
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 84 kt
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 174 kt

PA-42-1000 Cheyenne IV
Engines: 2 x Garrett TPE331-14, 1000shp
Prop:  Dowty-Rotol, 4 blade, 106 inch dia
Length: 43.4 ft
Height: 16.4 ft
Wingspan: 47.7 ft
Wing Area: 293 sq.ft
Wing Aspect Ratio: 7.82
Standard Empty Weight: 7,546 lb
Max Ramp Weight: 12,135 lb
MTOW: 11,950 lb/12,050 lb
MLW: 11,100 lb
Max Zero fuel wt: 9600 lb
Std useful load: 4985 lb
Wing Loading: 41.1 lbs/sq.ft
Power Loading: 6 lbs/hp
Max Usable Fuel: 3,819 lb
Max cruise 25,000ft: 351 kt (404 mph)
Max cruise 30,000ft: 349 kt (402 mph)
Max cruise 35,000ft: 341 kt (392 mph)
Max cruise 41,000ft: 302 kt (348 mph)
Max range @ 39,000 ft with 45 min res) 8 pax: 1400nm
Max range @ 39,000 ft with 45 min res) 2 pax: 2240 nm
ROC: 3242 fpm
SE ROC: 980 fpm
SE Best-rate of-climb Airspeed: 125 kt
SE Climb Gradient: 479 ft/nm
SE Ceiling: 27,000 ft
TO dist 50 ft: 1930 ft
Ldg dist 50 ft: 2780 ft
Acc-stop dist: 2840 ft
Seats: 7/9
Ceiling (Certificated): 41,000 ft
Max Pressurization Differential: 7.5 psi
8,000 Foot Cabin Altitude At:  35,000 ft
SE Rate Of Climb: 997 fpm
Normal Cruise At 35,000 Feet: 334 kt
Fuel Flow At Normal Cruise: 600 pph
Endurance At Normal Cruise: 4.1 hr
Stalling Speed, Clean: 93 kt
Stalling Speed, Flaps/Gear Down: 84 kt
Turbulent air Penetration Speed: 195 kt



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