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Piper PA-27 Aztec

Aztec 260

Basically an improved Apache, the Aztec was a full six-seater and had more powerful engines (250 hp) than the Apache. The first models were later named Aztec A. A major change came in 1962 with the introduction of the Aztec B, which had a lengthened nose giving the Aztec a completely different look from its Apache fore-runner. Improvements were made year by year and the models were given letters until 1976 when the Aztec F was marketed. By then the Aztec had longer “tiger shark” shaped engine nacelles and an even longer and sharper nose. When production ceased in 1981 a total of 4929 Aztecs had been built.


 Aztec F
Engines: Lycoming TIO-540-ClA, 250 hp
Props: two-blade, constant-speed, full-feathering 77-in dia
Length: 31 ft. 3 in
Height: 10ft. 1 in
Wingspan: 37 ft. 4 in
Wing area: 207 sq. ft
Max takeoff weight: 5,200 lb
Standard empty weight: 3,319 lb
Max useful load: 1881 lb
Max landing weight: 4,940 lb
Max zero-fuel weight: 4,500 lb
Power loading: 10.4 lbs/hp
Wing loading: 25.1 lbs/sq.ft
Max usable fuel: 177 gals./ 1,062 lb
Max rate of climb, sea level: 1,480 fpm
Max rate of climb, 8,000 feet: 1,330 fpm
Certificated ceiling: 24,000 ft
Single-engine rate of climb, sea level: 226 fpm
Single-engine climb gradient: 154 ft. per nm
Single-engine service ceiling: 13,250 ft
Max speed: 210 kts
Cruise, normal at 8,000 ft: 116 kts
Cruise, normal at 18,000 ft: 191 kts
Fuel flow at normal cruise: 29.3 gph
Endurance at normal cruise, no res: 5.8hrs
Stalling speed, clean, power off: 60 kts
Stalling speed, flaps down, power off: 67 kts
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 131 kts



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