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Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser



Although technically a three-seat aircraft, the Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser was more usually used and regarded as a de luxe two-seater, and differed from the J-5C only in a number of cosmetic refinements including two wing tanks. The prototype was flown in December 1945 and attracted so much attention that the company soon had an enormous backlog of orders, and when production of this version ended in 1948 3,758 had been built. Dimensionally little had changed from the J-5C, and having the same 100 or 108 hp Lycoming O-235-C engine, the PA-12 had a maximum speed of 183km/h at sea level.


Piper PA-12-125 Super Cruiser


Engine: Lycoming O-235, 100 hp @ 2600 rpm
Prop diameter: 76 in
Wingspan: 35 ft 6 in
Wing area: 179.3 sq.ft
Length:  22.8 ft
Height: 82 in
Gross weight Normal: 1750 lb
Gross weight utility: 1500 lb
Empty weight: 950 lb
Fuel capacity: 38 USG
Power loading: 17.5 lb/hp
Wing loading: 9.8 lb/sq.ft
Baggage capacity: 41 lb
Tire pressure: 18 lb/
Max speed: 114 mph
Cruise: 105 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Rate of climb: 600 fpm
Service ceiling: 12,600 ft
Absolute ceiling: 15,500 ft
Cruise range: 600 sm
Fuel burn: 6.5 USG/hr
Seats: 3



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