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Piper PA-11 Cub Special / L-18B


After the end of World War II the demand for civil lightplanes seemed for a time to be insatiable, but when low-price government war-surplus aircraft came on the market the situation was changed overnight. One of Piper's plans to meet this challenge was to make available an austerity civil version of the extensively built L-4 Grasshopper. Designated Piper PA-11 Cub Special, and powered by a 48kW Continental A65-8 flat-four engine. It proved to be an attractive proposition, and its price of only $2,495 in 1947 meant that many preferred a slightly dearer new aircraft to a war-surplus model of uncertain history. Before the company ended production of the Cub Special a total of 1,323 civil examples had been built, these aircraft having a maximum speed of 161km/h and range of 483km. The type appealed also to the US Army for supply to other nations under the Military Aid Program, and 105 aircraft with the 71kW Continental C90-8F engine were acquired under the designation L-18B and delivered to Turkey.

Produced from March 1947 until the PA-18 Super Cub replaced the PA-l1 Cub Special in November 1949, 1541 were built.



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