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Piper J-2 Cub



The company was always sensitive to customer de­sires, and in 1936, Taylor introduced a refined Cub in order to incorporate design improvements as well as sug­gestions from the field. Walter Jamouneau was given the job of improving the E‑2. He rounded off the wingtips and tail, widened the landing‑gear tread and moved the axles forward a few inches for better ground handling, improved the fuel system, redesigned the ailerons and got to put his initial into the new type designator, J‑2. Aerodynamically, the plane remained virtually the same, but Jamouneau believes that directional and roll control were improved in the J‑2. It retained the E‑2's tandem, two‑place seating but added sliding windows on the left and a clamshell arrangement on the right (the window folded up and the door down), actually a late ­model E‑2 improvement that is still used on the Super Cub. The J‑2's engine remained the reliable A‑40-3 or -4.
The sale price in 1936 was $1,470 and $1,270 in 1938. 550 were built by the end of 1936. ATC 2-533 was superseded by ATC 595.
Taylor J-2
NX16395 J-2S was the prototype with EDO pontoons.
Taylor J-2S minus its floats NX16395


In early 1938, the Ilmavoimat / Maavoimat test team evaluated the Piper J-2. The J-2 had excellent STOL capability, able to take off in less than 300 feet by firewalling the throttle, lifting the tail immediately, pulling full flaps at 45 knots and levering the stick back into the pilots lap. The J-2 was near stallproof, with a stall speed of 34 knots, and short field approaches were easy with full flaps.

Although sales were initially slow, about 1,200 J-2s were produced before a fire in the Piper factory in March 1937. Only 658 Cubs were built that year; total more than 1,200 built by July 1937, at which time production was taken over by Piper Aircraft and the name changed. William Piper relocated his manufacturing operation and several hundred employees to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and the Piper Aircraft Corporation was born. By year's end, it had built 687 Piper airplanes.

Production began in February 1936 and 1207 were built in total until production ended in 1938.


J-2 Cub
1936 (ATC 595, 2-533)
Engine: Continental A-40-3, 37 hp
Wingspan: 35 ft 3 in
Length: 22 ft 5 in
MTOW: 970 lb
Useful load: 407 lb
Max speed: 87 mph
Cruise: 70 mph
Stall: 30 mph
Range: 210 sm
Seats: 2






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