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Pilatus PC-7 Turbo-Trainer


Based on PC-3 model, the first prototype flew on April 12, 1966, entering production in 1978. The PT-6A-powered tandem-seat trainer suitable for basic, transition and acrobatic training and, when fitted with suitable equipment, for IFR and tactical training, the first production PC-7 flew on August 18, 1978. PC-7 Turbo Trainers may be armed with four 7,62-mm machine guns with 500 rpg, two 551-lb (250-kg) bombs.

Late in 1978, an initial contract was placed with Pilatus for eight PC-7 Turbo Trainers for the Colegio del Aire, these arriving in Mexico mid-1979, with a total of 55 aircraft ordered.

Surinam became the 14th military operator of the PC-7 when it took delivery of two aircraft in October 1986. Lightweight Martin-Baker Mk.15 ejection seats are optional on new aircraft, and are also available for retrofit to older aircraft.

More than 380 had been sold by late 1986 and by 1990 more than 400 were in service.

The PC-7 Mk.II began operation in 1994 and was designed to reflect the handling qualities of a PC-9 but with a less powerful engine. The PC-7 Mk.II is designed for all aspects of ab initio and basic training, and covers a limited number of tasks required in advanced flying training.

PC-7 Turbo-Trainer
Engine: 1 x P&WAC PT6A-25A turboprop, 550 shp (410 kW).
Span: 10.4 m
Length: 9.8 m.
Wing area: 16.6 sq.m
Empty wt: 1330 kg.
MTOW: 2700 kg
Warload: 1040 kg.
Max speed: 500 kph
Initial ROC: 630 m / min.
Ceiling: 9800 m
T/O run: 250 m.
Ldg run: 335 m
Fuel internal: 480 lt.
Range/Endurance: 1350 km / 3 hr 20 min
Combat radius lo-lo-lo: 535 km.

PC-7 Mk.II
Take-off ground roll: 259m (850ft)
Landing ground roll: 335m (1,100ft)  
Rate of climb: 2,840 ft/min
Maximum operating speed: 300 KCAS (556 km/h)
Maximum cruise speed: 242 KTAS (448 km/h)  
Maximum cruise speed at 10,000 ft: 251 KTAS (465 km/h)  
Stall speed – flaps and gear down: 68 KCAS (126 km/h)  
Maximum positive g-load: +7.0 g  
Maximum negative g-load: -3.5 g      
Sustained g-load: +3.2 g  
Maximum range (clean): 810 NM  
Underwing stores: 6  
Basic empty weight (typical): 1,670kg (3,682 lbs)  
Max take-off weight: 2,250kg (4,960 lbs)  
Maximum external load: 1,040kg (2,292 lbs)


Engine: 1 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25A, 485kW
Max take-off weight: 2700 kg / 5953 lb
Loaded weight: 1330 kg / 2932 lb
Wingspan: 10.4 m / 34 ft 1 in
Length: 9.78 m / 32 ft 1 in
Height: 3.21 m / 11 ft 6 in
Cruise speed: 412 km/h / 256 mph
Ceiling: 9755 m / 32000 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 2260 km / 1404 miles
Crew: 1-2


Pilatus PC-7 Turbo-Trainer



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