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Piel CP.1320 Saphire


The C.P. 1320 Saphire is a two seat plus a rear bench can be added to accommodate an adult (max. 170 lb) or 2 children, low wing aircraft designed by Claude Piel. Construction materials are wood & fabric. The landing gear may be built as a rectractable or fixed tailwheel.


The plans detail construction of both types of gear. Designed with ribs and frames cut out of plywood, it is normally a 2 seat side-by-side, but may be equipped with a rear seat carrying a passengers not exceeding 340 lbs. A fuel tank of 18 gallons (US) is located behind the firewall + 2 additional wing tanks of 18 gallons each may be installed during construction.


Span: 26 ft
Length: 22 ft
Area: 119 sq ft
Empty Weight (N) (U): 1190 lbs
Empty Weight (A): 1100 lbs
Crew & Passenger (N) (U): 485 lbs
Crew & Passenger (A): 355 lbs
Fuel (N): 220 - 250 lbs
Fuel (U): 195 lbs
Fuel (A): 88 lbs
Baggage (N): 65 lbs
Baggage (U): 44 lbs
Baggage (A): None
Dihedral: 3°
Incidence: 2°
Max Takeoff Weight (N): 2075 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight (A): 1545 lbs
Limit G (N) at 2075 lb: +3.8 / -1.9
Limit G (U) at 1920 lb: +4.4 / -2.2
Limit G (A) at 1545 lb: +6.0 / -3.0
For ultimate loads multiply limit loads by 1.5
Max Speed: 200 mph
Cruise 75% 5,000 ft: 167 mph
Cruise 65% 5,000 ft: 152 mph
Rate Of Climb: 1900 ft/min
T/O distance: 650 ft
Landing Distance: 980 ft
Vne: 211 mph
Approach Speed Flaps Down: 81 mph
Manoeuvering Speed Va: 158 mph
Stall Flaps Up: 62 mph
Stall Flaps Down: 53 mph
Max Speed Flaps Down: 90 mph
Range: 680 miles
Complete set of plans 2009: US$275








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