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Piel CP.150 Onyx / CP.152



At the end of 1981 Piel completed plans of his CP-150 Onyx microlight - it should have flown during 1982 but was held back by the demise of its designer. Single-seat single-engined double monoplane in tandem with conventional three-axis con-trol. Two-fin tail. Pitch control by fully flying wing; yaw control by fin-mounted rudders; roll control by ailerons; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Under-carriage has three wheels in tricycle formation with additional tailskid; suspension on all wheels. Push-right go-right nose-wheel steering connected to yaw control. No brakes.


Wood/fabric fuselage, partially enclosed. Engine mounted above main wing driving pusher propeller. The CP-150 is a double tandem monoplane whose front wing has a NACA 23012 profile and is adjustable for incidence. It thus acts as the elevator and is stabilised by an anti-servo tab. It is much smaller than the rear wing which has a NACA 23015 profile and a swept-back leading-edge but an unswept trailing-edge. Both wings are cantilevered, the front mounted on two faired supports on which it is articulated, with incidence control via pushrods. The rear wing is fitted with ailerons and has large fins at the wing tips on which the rudders are hinged. The fuselage is largely made from wood as are the wing, wing spars and vertical tail surfaces. Of rectangular section, the fuselage is covered with plywood, the two wings use a covering of Tergal and are de-mountable, so that the Onyx is trailer transportable.


Designed for low power engines, the Onyx was tested at the beginning of 1982 with a Solo 12 hp engine.


The 2nd version had a longer wingspan with a fiberglass body. It was developed by R. Francois, an enthusiast for the design. This was the only version with a steerable nose wheel.


The third version, the one that is available as plans, is the wood fuselage with the longer wingspan of the fiberglass body.

The 4th version was the 2 seat produced by Veritas, probably developed by R. Francois.


Madame Piel distributes plans for aircraft.







Engine (prototype): Solo, 12 hp
Propeller: 35" dia. x 14" pitch
Length: 11.6 ft
Total Area: 137.7 sq ft, 12.8 sq.m
Height overall 5.4 ft, 1.61 m
Rear-wing span 23.9 ft, 7.30 m
Rear-wing chord at root 5.3 ft, 1.60 m
Rear-wing chord at tip 3.3ft, 1.00 m
Front-wing span 14.6 ft, 4.46 m
Front-wing constant chord 2.9ft, 0.84m
Empty Weight: 265 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight: 475 lbs
Fuel: 5 USG
Power per unit area 0.09 hp/sq.ft, 0.9 hp/sq.m
Front-wing dihedral 0o
Front-wing sweepback 0o
Fin height 3.5 ft, 1. 05 m
Rear-wing area 98 sq.ft, 9.1 sq.m
Front -wing area 40 sq.ft, 3.7 sq.m
Total aileron area 6.8 sq.ft, 0.60 sq.m
Fin area 8.9 sq.ft, 0.83 sq.m
Rudder area 6.8 sq.ft, 0.63 sq.m
Rear-wing aspect ratio 5.9/1
Front-wing aspect ratio 5.4/1
Max Speed: 62 mph, 100 kph
Minimum Speed: 28 mph
Cruise Speed: 50 mph, 80kph
Economic cruising speed 37mph, 60kph
Vne: 85 mph
Stall Speed: 22 mph, 35kph
Take-off distance 100ft, 30m
Landing dis-tance 200 ft, 60 m
Rate Of Climb: 300 fpm
Complete set of plans 2009: US$90
Wheel track 4.9ft, 1.50m
Wheelbase 5.5ft, 1.68m
Nosewheel diameter overall 8 inch, 20 cm
Main wheels diameter overall 10 inch, 25 cm
Load factors; +4.0, -2.0G

Engine: Solo, 15 hp
HP range: 15-20
Length: 11.6 ft
Wing span: 24 ft
Wing area: 137.7 sq.ft
Empty weight: 265 lb
Gross weight: 595 lb
Fuel capacity: 5 USG
Top speed: 62 mph
Cruise: 50 mph
Stall: 22 mph
Range: 200 nm
Rate of climb: 300 fpm
Takeoff dist: 200 ft
Landing dist: 100 ft
Service ceiling: 5000 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: nosewheel

Engine: 18 hp
Propeller: 35" dia. x 14" pitch
Span: 24.0 ft
Length: 11.6 ft
Total Area: 137.7 sq ft
Empty Weight: 265 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight: 475 lbs
Fuel: 5 USG
Max Speed: 70 mph
Minimum Speed: 30 mph
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Vne: 85 mph
Stall Speed: 25 mph
Takeoff Distance: 150 ft
Landing Distance: 100 ft
Rate Of Climb: 450 fpm
Complete set of plans 2009: US$90





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