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Piaggio P.108


In 1938 the RA issued a request for proposal for a BGR (Bombardiere a Grande Raggio, long-range bomber); proposals came from Caproni with their Ca.204 and Ca.211 projects, CRDA with Cant. Z.1014 (built only in mock-up form), Piaggio with the P.108B (a private venture project, offered as an additional entry) and the P.112. Also considered was the purchasing of a production license for the Boeing B-17C 'Fortress', but this idea was later discarded for reasons of autarchia (national self-sufficiency). The competition was won by the Cant. Z.1014, but since the development of the P.108B was already at an advanced stage, this aircraft was chosen to be produced in quantity. Designed by Casiraghi, who had worked in the USA and was familiar with B-17 technology, it was a sophisticated machine, although slower and heavier than the Fortress.

Piaggio P-108B
Engines: 4
Span 108 ft 3 in
Length: 81 ft 6 in
Max speed: 290 mph at 11,480 ft
Range: 2500 miles
Armament: 8 x 12.7 mm mg
Bombload: 7716 lb
Crew: 6-7


Piaggio P.108



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