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Pereira GP-4


A high-performance, low-wing, side-by-side two-seater, of all wood construction. The GP4 is the latest in a series of four aircraft designed by George Pereira.

The GP-4 prototype was finished in April, 1984.  Extensive flight tests were completed in time to compete for awards at the 1984 EAA Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. That year at Oshkosh, the GP-4 won both the Grand Champion Custom Built and the Outstanding New Design awards. It is a high performance cross-country type aircraft designed to extract the most speed from the power available. Airfoil selection and drag reduction were primary considerations. The construction is of wood with foam and fiberglass utilized in the cowling and fairing areas. Design strength at full gross is 8G's positive and 6G's negative obtained by using a massive, one-piece main spar. The GP-4 aircraft has a manual landing gear retracting system but there is a separate set of plans for a hydraulic landing gear.

Osprey Aircraft also marketed as plans and kits is the Osprey GP-4.

Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1A
Wing Span: 24'
Wing Area: 104 sq ft
Wing Load (full gross): 19.09 lbs/sq ft
Span Loading: 80.45 lbs/sq ft
Length: 21' 6"
Aspect Ratio: 5.54 to 1
Dihedral: 5 Degrees
Fuel: 54 USGallons
Service Ceiling: 20,000 +
Vmax: 255 mph
Cruise Speed 75%: 240 mph true
V s1 (stall clean): 70 mph
V s0 (indg config): 62 mph
Gross wt: 2000 lb
Empty Weight: 1,260 lb
Useful Load: 740 lb
Baggage: 10.5 sq ft - 75 lbs
Wheel Track: 8'
Wing Airfoil: Laminar 63 Series
Range at 75%: 1,100 mi, 240 mph
Take Off Distance: 600 ft
Landing Distance: 1,200 ft
Climb Rate @ MSL: 2,200 fpm
Seats: 2
Cabin width: 40 in
Landing gear: retractable nose wheel

Engine: Subaru EG33 6 Cyl
Prop: 4 blade elect CS prop.
Cruise: 150Kt @ 35 lts/hr
Fuel capacity: 200 lt.


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