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Percival EP.9
Lancashire EP.9 Prospector

Lancashire Prospector


In 1959, Edgar Percival founded Edgar Percival Aircraft Limited at Stapleford in the United Kingdom and built as a private venture a high wing utility aircraft known as the EP 9. It was intended for use as a light transport and top dressing aircraft with a 170 Imp.Gal tank.


The prototype first flew in December 1955, and construction of the first group of twenty aircraft commenced soon after. Edgar Percival built twenty-one EP9s fitted with the 270hp Lycoming GO-480-B engine. 




Aircraft were sold to Australia, Canada, France, Tasmania, and a single example to New Zealand.


Two Percival EP.9s were delivered at the end of 1957 to Skyspread Pty Ltd in Australia.


The British Army purchased two in 1958 for evaluation, and they served for several years before being declared surplus and disposed of on the civil market.




The last aircraft was not completed by him and was finished by the Lancashire Aircraft Company who then went on to build four more aircraft. The rights for the EP.9 were acquired by Samlesbury Engineering Ltd in 1958, including assembled and partly assembled aircraft. The EP.9 was renamed the Lancashire Prospector EP.9 and three built with Lycoming engines.


The first of these was registered G-APWZ on 5-11-1959. It first flew on 23-02-1960 and attained its C of A on 22-04-60. Lancashire named the aircraft the Prospector and five aircraft were fitted with a 295 hp Lycoming GO-480-G1A6 and a three-bladed propeller before production ceased in 1960.



The last aircraft built (G-ARDG) was fitted with a 375 hp Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah 10 and was dubbed the Prospector 2. In all, only twenty-seven aircraft ever flew.


Certification is by UK Manufacturer’s Type Record.



Engine: Lycoming GO-480-B, 265 hp
Max wt: 3675 lb
Payload: 1550 lb
Max speed: 137 mph
Cruise: 123 mph
T/O dist: 585 ft
T/O dist. 50 ft: 900 ft
ROC: 940 fpm

Lancashire Prospector
Engine: Lycoming GO-480-G1A6, 295 hp
Prop: 3 blade
Seats: 6

Lancashire Prospector 2
Engine: Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah 10, 375 hp


Lancashire E.P.9



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