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The Peel Glider Boat Company of Flushing Bay, NY was in business around 1930, designing and building the Glider Boat, a biplane glider with stepped flying boat hull and wingtip floats. A number of examples were sold.
The two occupants sat in tandem in an open cockpit with conventional controls, but without instruments. The structure was wooden spar, steel ribs, fabric covered, and a duralumin hull.
Normal method of launch was behind a motor boat, the towrope being joined to a bridle which attached to either side of the nose outside the front cockpit.
One example belongs to the National Soaring Museum.


Wing span: 9.45 m / 31 ft
Wing area: 25.08 sq.m / 270 sq.ft
Empty Weight: 113 kg / 250 lb
Payload: 159 kg / 350 lb
Gross Weight: 272 kg / 600 lb
Wing Load: 10.84 kg/sq.m / 2.2 lb/sq.ft
L/DMax: 15
Seats: 2



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