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Peak Aerospace Me 109 v


To make the aircraft more agile and reduce the building expenditure, in 1992 Tassilo Bek developed new wings with a majority of GRP structure, and using the Hirth F30 in order to bring the machine to or over the 200 km/h mark. The new wing withstood in the load test, up to a maximum take-off weight of 340 kg. The following machine WNr. 1992 flew. D-MYBB was lost in the same year through accident.

Powered with a Hirth 2704 of 40 hp, the machine reached 190 km/h maximum speed. The simple and reliable retractable landing gear of the 109 was incorporated at that time.

It still flies in close proximity to Jena. The machine is reliable and the wings are of timber construction method with foam material ribs.



The experiences from the flight behaviour, the structure and the examinations taken place following the accident of D-MYBB flowed immediately into the building of the next machine and the following.

Due to becoming largely popular inquires from prospective customers appeared. With that, Mr. Bek built several kits. First became the factory serial number 3, D-MNBP. This flew for the first time around 1993.
It was sold around Berlin. The construction units and/or kits sold, from which, among other things, the factory serial number 4, D-MCUZ was developed.


Serial number 4 had a Hirth F30 and flew from 1994 to 2003. In the meantime, the French certified the type.

The factory serial number 5 was equipped with a Rotax 582, this engine was intended from the beginning for the re-equipment of other machines like the factory serial number 3 and 4.


Mr. Bek on a strenghtened version, which became certified as experimental, in order would do aerobatics. This machine flew for the first time in 1996 equipped with the F30, shortly after changed to a Subaru autoengine.


The factory serial number 7 received a Rotax 912 and it emigrated in 2005, together with its new owner, to Paraguay.



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